Sunday, April 18, 2010

faux stained glass

This is a very simple yet fun craft. I used to use canning jars and paint them this way to use as candle holders/decorative lanterns. Recently a young woman I know blessed me with several beautiful vases and two of these lovely glass olive oil bottles. I mentioned that they would make lovely vases and some how or other the faux stained glass came up. She said she would love it if I would do a blog to show her how it was done. Nikki, this one is for you :) Start with a jar, any kind will do. Use black fabric paint to make the outline of your picture. Go slow, it will want to blob up. Once it is dry use transparent glass paint to fill in the picture. Let them dry in between colors or you can end up with some blending. That's all there is to it. This jar (not including drying time) took about half an hour to paint. Have fun!


  1. Those are beautiful! I would love to try that. Do you know...can you buy the trans. glass paint at Michaels?

  2. Hello and thank you Chrissie Grace. Yes you can buy it at Michaels. If you want this effect make sure it says "Transparent" glass paint (there are also iridescent and opaque paints) Have fun and let me know how it turns out. Take care.

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  4. You''re so creative. Those are beautiful.

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