Monday, July 25, 2011

Light and Color on a Rainy day

This weekend Bear and I woke up to more rain. The sky was dark as night and the rain came down in torrents.To fight back the darkness Bear and I snuggled up and lit many lanterns. These are a few of my favorites. Our home was now full of light, but we needed color as well.

I introduced Bear to wet on wet watercolor painting. Bear forgot to wet his paper a few times, but I loved seeing how much fun he was having. The colors swirled as the rain came down and so we just kept painting.And painting.... And painting...Soon every table and counter top was full of our paintings; so we made Waldorf Star lanterns out of them. Each one was a work of art. We put a candle inside each one and then put them to work keeping the darkness at bay. Soon our house was shining, full of color, warmth, and light. I would imagine that this is what living inside a rainbow would look like.

Sometime this week I will be posting direction on how to fold a Waldorf Star Lantern. Till then take care and Have Fun!


  1. Beautiful water color art, many thanks for your kind words on my blog, they are much appreciated, love and light Marie

  2. I love star lanterns.
    I can imagine that you home looking beautiful with all your glowing lanterns...:)

  3. Hello Marie and Anne. Thank you for stopping by. Marie, thank you for all the inspiration and support you've been to me and so many others.
    Anne, thank you for the sweet complement. Take care.

  4. So pretty! They make beautiful lanterns.