Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Gardens

 I have yard envy. I look at so many beautiful farm blogs and the envy hits. So I try to take photos of my yard and hide the fact that I'm just a small suburb blogger with a yard to small to even own chickens (frown)  But no more. Here I am proudly posting photos of my gardens WITH the fence showing! This is our wild flower garden, it is a raised bed that runs along one side of our fence and ends at our waterless pond.
 This is our waterless pond. We had to get rid of our pond and waterfall because of state regulations and our daycare. There are painted fish on some of the rocks and there will also be lily pads, I will post when it's finished.  Next to the pond is a stepping stone path that leads to the gazebo, which is nice to have lunch and nap in.
 Along the back of our fence runs our lily garden with log stepping stones for the children to play on. There is also a bistro table set up along here for morning tea.
 Our beautiful lilies!
Panda and I are standing on the path so you can see how tall and dense our forest is.
In another corner is our Milkweed forest! So far the tallest one is over 6 feet! We leave this to grow wild for the Monarch butterflies. There is a stepping stone path that runs down the middle that leads to a secret clearing....
 In the clearing rests this child sized log table. I posted a story about how it came to be not to long ago here
Next year we will have our veggie garden back and a bean tepee. We were not able to put one in this year because of everything surrounding the birth of our son. After posting this I realized that I do have yard envy still... but it's of my own yard. Our yard may be small, but it is beautiful and full of love. I hope you had fun walking through our garden. Be well!


  1. Over from Soulemama. Love the "pond." Such a cute idea!


  2. It is such luxury to be able to step out of your house into your own garden, no matter whether it is small or big.
    It looks great, your garden! And so do all your creative plans.

  3. What a lovely garden! I especially love the log table, and I think it is wonderful that you planted milkweeds for the butterflies. :)

  4. Beautiful! Love the little waterless pond, so cute. Looks like a pretty awesome place for kiddos to be :)

  5. I love the waterless pond and the tree trunk table area, so cute, great ideas! Your garden is pretty! :)

  6. Beautiful garden, flowers and the tree trunk table area. I think you have many creative ideas in your garden and I bett he kids love to play in it

  7. I love your garden, so lush and green! The waterless pond made me smile and believe it or not, my husband has a big log chair like your little ones...great minds.

  8. Hi everyone. I'm so glad you enjoyed walking through our gardens. Angi, I would love to see that chair. It must have been a Huge tree! Be well.