Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Importance of Rhythm

The importance of rhythm in our lives has been heavy on my mind lately. Finding rhythm for an almost 4 month old seemed like an impossible task at first but through recording our daily activities I'm beginning to map out the ebb and flow of our rhythms. Doing this Panda knows what to expect and I know that there is a moment of down time coming where I can take a breather. Panda is less frustrated and quite frankly so am I. With two pending surgeries looming on the horizon, finding the rhythm in our lives now is so important. Things can get crazy fast. Knowing his cues and following them helps to keep the peace. Our day looks something like this...
4:20am sleep feeding and diaper change
5:00am feeding, diaper change (yes, it's usually wet again by now), breakfast, see Poppy off to work and back to sleep.
7:00am wake up for the day. Story, song, feeding and diaper change
7:30am Morning tea in the back yard, and park or a walk time (basically outside time)
9:00am Panda sleeps in Mumsey's arms while Mum steals some net time ( that's what we are doing now!)
 11:00am  Feeding and a diaper change.
11:30am Tummy time and outside time
1:00pm  Nap time
3:00pm Feeding, diaper change
3:30pm House clean up, story, and then some outside time
4:00pm Poppy home! Outside time (if I'm lucky they go for a walk while I shower and/or prepare dinner). Then it's family time, dinner, and a diaper up until about...
7:00pm Feeding,diaper change and Nap time.
8:00pm Feeding, bath, and fresh diaper.
8:30- 9:00pm Story, song, and Bed time.
Just listening to Panda and watching his cues tells me how and when to change something. It always amazes me that children actually tell us what they need and when they need it (even at this early stage) if only we have the heart and mind to listen. Be well and Have fun!

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