Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Card Lacing Stocking

 Saint Nicholas Day is Friday and I have a tradition of giving small stockings to some children in my neighborhood every year. This year I decided to make paper stockings (mostly because I had all the supplies on hand) but this would make a fun lacing craft for younger children.
First trace a stocking shape out on red construction paper or card stock ( I free handed this stocking, but there are several templates on google). Then cut out two stockings (this way when you are done you will have a pocket.. Next cut a small rectangle of white paper to make a cuff at the top of your stocking and glue it down.
Take a hole punch and punch holes along the outside edge. Using a tapestry/plastic canvas needle and some white yarn sew through the holes. Tie off and decorate with whatever you like. I happened to have some snowflake stickers on hand. The white cuff makes a great place to write names. I might just file this away for when Panda is a little older. I can just imagine him sewing them all together and then making a garland to go over our fireplace. I can also see him making ornaments using the same supplies and different templates. I hope this was inspiring. Have a blessed day and be well.