Monday, December 16, 2013

Miniature Felt Bird Giveaway!

 This week is the week of Joy and a time to celebrate the light of animals. For our Advent garden  this week I wanted to make some birds and during a particularly bad Ehlers flair up this past weekend resulting in a sleepless night... I made some. Not to shabby for a sleepless night. Hopefully this will be a reminder for someone that you can always turn something bad into something good (or in this case, felt) if you just open yourself up to the possibilities..They are stuffed with wool and the details are done with a mixture of really bad embroidery and paint after giving up on said embroidery (lol).
  A cardinal, a chickadee, and a blue jay, three of the more common winter birds of Minnesota that I would like to give away. A tiny bit of my home to you. You don't have to start following me or spread the word on your blog (but it would be nice if you did). Just leave a comment and I will put your name errr number in a random number generator on the first of the new year. The winner will be posted on the first of 2014 and will have one week to contact me (I'll do my best to notify you, but sometimes Email addresses are hidden). I just thought it would be neat to have something quiet and fun to look forward to after the holidays. Good luck, and Be well.
Update: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you everyone who left comments. Congratulations #2, Mrs. Bartos!


  1. Those are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. Love these :) A blessed christmas and new year's to you and yours....

  3. Those are so cute! Happy holidays!

  4. These are absolutely adorable. Well done!

  5. These are just beautiful. We actually also just made some wool felt forest animals, but these are even more beautiful. We didn't make birds, though, except for a snowy owl. Thank you for the chance to win!