Monday, April 21, 2014

A 'Duck and Goose' Party

Dear Panda,
This past weekend we celebrated your first birthday with a 'Duck and Goose' themed birthday party. You have loved 'Duck and Goose' by Tad Hills since you received your first book at 6 months. Every day we read all the books in the series at least twice (sometimes more).  
We had these two made specially for you by Eek Creations (Thank you!). When you opened them up you had the biggest smile and made sure that they both received big wet kisses.
One of your gifts was Author Tad Hill's latest book, " Duck and Goose Go to the Beach". You cried and refused to open another present till we read the story.
Planning the food was especially fun. Your cupcakes were topped with mini rubber ducks. There were twigs for nests (pretzels), and chocolate eggs, a rainbow of fruit, and even an octopus made from a bell pepper. I justified that last one as fitting with your birthday theme because the latest book was about the beach. It was so cute that I just had to make it.
Decorations were easy, we just set out your books. 
You are loved by so many people. Happy birthday my little Red Panda.....
And may more!
Shine on.
Love, Mum~


  1. Looks like a lovely celebration! He looks so sweet sleeping :)

  2. Awww, happy birthday little Panda! I love the party theme. How special.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  3. Awe, Thanks Kim and Jennifer. It's both wonderful and hard to leave behind baby and walk into toddler. I'm glad we threw him this special celebration, but still kept it fairly low key. Be well.

  4. What a lovely 1st birthday! Happy birthday little man... A well deserved snooze!
    I do not know these books... checking them out right now! :-)

  5. What a beautiful first birthday! So simple and bright. I am always happy to see a celebration for little ones that doesn't go manic over-the-top and overwhelms them! Well done, Mum.

  6. A rainbow of fruit, what a wonderful idea!

  7. Looks a wonderful party, I really love the little rubber ducks on the cupcakes, brilliant idea.