Monday, April 7, 2014

Last Week of Baby

Dear Panda,
In one week you will step out into the world a toddler; a baby no more. For you I have a simple gift. As you begin this new stage in your life I will begin starting the week with a letter to you. It's a small gesture, but I hope that one day we can look back on these letters and laugh, smile, be warmed, and possibly cry a little together. 
Yesterday was a warm and beautiful day. It was the first real chance you have had to explore the outdoors on your own. We have taken you outside daily since you were born, but you are old enough to want to take off on your own now. And boy did you take off. You ran through the park so far from us; fearless with an indomitable spirit. You delighted in splashing in puddles and ripping fistfuls or grass out of the ground and flinging them into the air. Your laughter was brighter than the sun. We ended the day with a bedtime story (a chapter from a Tiptoes Lightly book). You listened so intently to the end, your eyes flutter closed, there was a soft contented sigh, and only then did you give into sleep. It was a beautiful moment, one I will cherish always.
Right now you are playing beside me on the floor with your wooden lobster (with the claws that open and close with a sharp click-clack when you push it). In a little while we will head out for our morning walk. Today is going to be a beautiful day.
With all my heart. Shine on,
Love Mum~


  1. Is Panda turning one? or two? I can't remember if he is older or younger than Cash. But babyhood goes on, Mama, so don't kiss it goodbye quite yet. I still call my 6 year old Little Babe. (Actually I call my husband Baby, too--so maybe it's me that perpetuates babyhood. :)

  2. A beautiful gift, I am sure it will be treasured by both of you. Enjoy this last week of babyhood :)

  3. We have had some melting and puddle hopping too.

    Oh my... the last week of babyhood. That's tough, but also exciting. Embrace all these wonderful moments mama. Panda is a treasure.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. Hello Mamma's, Panda will be one. I know he will always be my baby, but the baby phase is leaving. I welcome the future, but I can't say that my heart doesn't twinge a bit thinking of the past year.