Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Morning, Noon, and Night

Playing along with Mothering With Mindfulness today.
Three little windows into our day.
 Morning light
 Afternoon; homemade goat cheese
Night: Dream Smiles.
Be well.
Shine on.


  1. Pretty flowers, yummy goat cheese, and a sweet babe. It looks like a lovely day:)

  2. How beautiful! He is just so angelic.
    The goat cheese, is it the same way as homemade ricotta with milk and vinegar?
    Lovely peeks!

  3. Thank you Kathleen. It was a lovely day. I make my cheese with lemon juice, but I bet it is the same way you make yours, Yanic. I will make a post about how I make cheese. Several people have asked me about it. It's very easy. Take care :)

  4. What a precious little one. And those flowers, just beautiful. Thanks for playing along :)