Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Pack a Picnic Basket

Yesterday we went to Minnehaha Falls for a picnic. With it being Canada Day (a nod to all my friends and neighbors up North), and the 4th of July coming up this week I thought this might be a fun post for all the picnics that will be going on.
  Everyone has their own way of packing up for a picnic. The options are as varied and plentiful as there are birds in the sky. I prefer a good old fashioned picnic basket that contains everything (the food, drinks, games, blanket) AND keeps everything cool.
First I tuck in our blanket,. but leave the ends of it sticking out. Then we place an ice pack on it. The blanket acts as an insulator. 
Next we put in the food items we want coldest. We really don't pack a lot (yes that is soda... A LOT of soda, but Bear is on vacation and we wanted something fun). 
Then we fold the blanket, pack in the rest of the food, and cover that up as well.
We love this blanket and it has seen many a picnic. 
On the top of the blanket I like to add some items for play. For Panda we brought a gnome, a hand kite, a little car, a ladybug for tossing, a book, and some bubbles. This lets us sit just a little bit longer and enjoy the view while Panda is happily entertained. (The bubbles are always a huge hit). Way back when Bear and I were dating we would bring things like; a book to read together, bubbles, a Frisbee, and maybe a card game.
And that's how we pack a picnic basket.
Just for fun, here is another picture of the falls and some of the park.
Mask of Chief Little Crow overlooking the falls.
The river was so flooded that some trails were completely washed away.
Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your week, wherever you choose to spend it.
Shine on.

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  1. Oh that looks like a great spot for a picnic. We love picnics around here :)