Thursday, October 9, 2014

Finger Puppet House

This was a  project I just threw together, but it turned out super cute so I wanted to put it on my blog as an idea for other crafty people. We are going on a road trip in a few weeks and I've been busy putting together car activities for Panda; this is one of them.
I found this jell finger painting type frame on clearance at the toy store (it is similar to paint in a Ziploc baggie, but a little more resilient). On the back was a water color type board that didn't work for Panda. It required water to work and Panda wanted to suck on the pen/brush that came with it. So I decided to make a finger puppet house on that side (any frame, or even a lid for a tin would work for this if someone wanted to recreate one). I was a bit rushed so I just hot glued everything down instead of sewing. The puppets however are sewn. When the jell side breaks down I will likely make another puppet scene on that side as well; likely dinosaurs and a volcano.  
The house opens up and reveals two pockets with three puppets. It closes with magnetic closures. The sun is made with heat-sealed ribbons and works like a mini taggie. 
Here are the three puppets. I just searched "Felt Finger Puppet" on Google and eyeballed pictures for the patterns. They are based on other peoples work so I wont be posting patterns for them. 
It turned out pretty well for a quick project. I hope Panda likes it. I'll be posting our list of car activities when we get back with reviews for each one on how well they were played with. Have a blessed week and Shine on!


  1. Love it! Hope it keeps him busy in the car :)

    1. Thank you, he did love it. This was one of the most played with toys on our trip, and he is still playing with the puppets :)