Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Son

  Dear Son,
 It's been almost 3 months since we said goodbye to Grandmmama. I thought I was doing ok.. And then the first snow fell. I sat up half the night and well into the morning crying into a pillow. You see, there is a phone call I wait for every year. Grandmamma would always call the morning after the first snowfall (and usually every snow fall after that at least 5 times a day). But this time there was no call and it was missed. The holidays are coming. Every year Grandmamma would work herself into a fit just to make things perfect. It got so bad that one year we had a family intervention and told her she could not make her own pie crust any more because it caused so much frustration.
I wonder if she knows now that memories were made during the preparations and not during the actual meal. It seems that Mum had one more lesson for me to learn and now I pass it on to you.  I love you my darling son. Shine on,
Love, Mum~


  1. Sending you a great big hug my friend. xo

    1. Thanks Kim. I sorely needed one the other day <3