Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simple Knitted Dish Cloths

This past year I fell in love with knitted/crochet dish cloths (a friend of mine calls them sink doilies, and that just makes me smile). If you are looking for a nice gift idea add these to your list. They scrub well, are fairly simple to make, last longer than a sponge, look nicer, and can be thrown into the washing machine and washed when dirty... Just try to do that with a kitchen sponge and make it last.. I dare you (grin).  This little bundle is a gift for a neighbor friend. I am no master knitter, but I'm sure the dishes wont judge. 
 I used Sugar and Cream brand yarn and size US 9 5.5 mm wood needles.
Cast on 35 stitches
Rows 1-5  work in seed stitch (k1,p1) x 17, K1
Rows 5-45 continue working in seed stitch for the first 5 stitches to create an edge. Then work in Stockinette stitch for the body finishing with the last 5 stitches in seed stitch.
Rows 46-50 Seed stitch as rows 1-5. Bind-off loosely in seed stitch so you don't distort the edge. Block lightly and weave in ends. 
I found the pattern for the snowflake (Here)
Thanks for reading and
Shine on!


  1. Always a lovely gift to receive :)

  2. make them as stocking stuffers and this will be a nice new pattern to try out! Thank you. They look wonderful. :-)