Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Recap

Hello, I hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend. This post will serve as a recap of our weekend and our Toddler Tuesday for now. I will post "March Photos" of the boys later this week. Our bin was a simple bin with plastic eggs and spoons from the dollar store and  white beans. Panda liked stacking the egg shells, using them like cups, and stuffing beans into them to make noisemakers. A pretty good success.
Our Spring books made their annual debut along with our spring stuffed animals. Badger has been loving the butterfly. I don't have a photo, but another thing we have been working on is the word "Stop", so we have been hopping around like bunnies and using the words "stop" and "start". This will help him with words, and also hopefully keep him from running off in parking lots and into the street. 
We've been using these rainbow colored eggs for color matching games. Matching the shell halves together and also filling them with small color corresponding objects like cars and peg people and such.
Easter was a huge success. Panda received a homemade weighted therapy bunny and three peg people knights. Badger received a puzzle ball and bunny eared rattle/teether. Both of them also received some seeds for planting this summer. I made cookies and chocolates that were safe for Panda, but we kept that part small. Only one cookie and two pieces of chocolate. I don't think he felt cheated at all.
After spending  a lovely afternoon at my sister's house  we returned home for our wooden Easter egg hunt. This year Panda really got into hunting for the eggs and kept looking for them long after he found the last one. When he realized he wasn't going to find any more he started re-hiding them. It was a moment to cherish. I'm glad we started using wooden eggs a few years back instead of plastic ones. The thrill  for us is in the magic, wonder, and excitement of finding the eggs, not what is inside them. How did you celebrate? Did you celebrate? 
~Shine on~


  1. That is just a darling story there at the end... Yes, those are truly moments to cherish and remember on those days when things seem a bit bleak. I'm happy you guys had such a wonderful week-end. :-)

    1. Thank you, it was beautiful. I hope yours went well also.