Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 photos

Where did March go? So many things happened. We added this new sweet ride to our family. It's not that Panda can't walk, it's more to keep him contained. He has developed an unhealthy habit of running off in parking lots and down the street. We're working on it, but for now this keeps him safe and keeps me from loosing my mind.
My Sweet Red Panda, this is the year where you start waking up and discovering that you are your own unique person. It has been a journey. 
Lately you have been refusing solid foods and have lost the ability to use silverware. The doctors say not to worry, but I retain the mother's right to do so (I should also mention so not to worry any one that we have several therapists working with us on these issues). You never were a big eater to start with and now you have fallen into the 23rd percentile weight for your height. Which is another point. You are two years old and the height of an average 4 or 5 year old. My skinny tall boy. Please start eating soon.
A tummy bug hit us right after Easter which did not help with your feeding issues one bit, but you seem to be pulling out of it. We met with a preschool teacher and saw your "classroom" for this fall. To say I am not impressed in an understatement. It's taking everything I have not to pull you from the program right now. The teacher started out by explaining to us that they take a regular preschool curriculum and "scale it waaay back". Seeing that academically you already surpass the needs of a basic preschool this bothers me to no end. However I do believe that you will learn better with people your own age around you...Hopefully I can come to grips with this soon and figure out what is truly best for you.
Your sense of adventure is amazing and will carry you far. It's not fair that you have to go through so many therapy's and that you are being forced into a public school this fall, but you seem to be taking it in stride. We will be adding more therapy into our regiments and you will be attending a day treatment center soon. It will be hard to let you go off on your own. My mother's voice screams that it is to early, but hopefully all this early intervention will help you in the long run.
Oh my Badger,  This was a month of firsts for you. First Saint Patrick's day, First Easter. First time really playing outside and swinging. You aren't to sure of the sun, but as soon as summer hits, I know you will love the grass....
First food, Oatmeal... I wanted to wait another month, but a spoonful before bed has been making you sleep so much better,
You are now rolling around the house with the greatest of ease and happily exploring your world. You will be crawling in no time the way you scoot around. And that smile... I have never known a baby to smile as often as you. What a lucky Mum I am to wake up to these toothless grins EVERY morning.
Five months. Where did the time go? You are now wearing 12 month and at times 18 months onsies. Though you can still wear several of your 0-3 month pants, you are now starting to wear 3-6 month  pants. My funny stubby legged baby. You may never win a track race, but you will go far. You steal the heart of everyone you meet.
So that was March. Plagued by sicknesses, overrun with appointments, and yet we're still here and still going strong. Life is a journey. I can't wait to see what April brings. 
~Shine on~


  1. Such lovely photos of your two little men. They are both growing so fast.

    Going strong indeed, it's all we can do, right, just keep on moving forward, breathing deep and enjoying the ride. Soak it up my friend, even if it is a little busy.


    1. Thanks Kim. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other... :)

  2. How I've loved seeing your boys so happy in all your pictures. It's been a "sick kinda month" for many. I'm glad you are all coming out of it okay.

    I feel you on the "letting go" part... Although I never really thought I would homeschool my little guy, I also thought he would be staying home with me full time until KG would come around. Like you, I've found him a place in preschool next September for a few hours a day. Like you, I think he will learn a lot from being surrounded by kiddos his own age. I see how much he has evolved socially since he's been doing playgroup once a week. But the idea of him being away 5 mornings a week is more than I can handle right now. *sighs* My husband keeps telling me that I will appreciate that 3 hours a day when I can do all the things I dreamed of doing when I stopped working and couldn't get around to... I guess we'll see!

    Hang in there mama... As I told you yesterday, we will all get through this and our little angels will be glorious!


    1. Thank you Mama, you grab on one side and I'll grab onto the other and together we will help hold eachother up. Deal? <3

  3. Oh, tummy bugs. Ghastly little monsters! I'm glad you're all feeling better now.

    Panda will be okay. So many words, coming so fast right now. And Badger will weather it all like the little Zen-baby he is.

    1. I'm still so sorry we got you all sick :( get well soon. Yes, we have a lot of words coming now, but there are so many other things back sliding. It seems like every step forward is thirteen back lately. Sigh... Keep shining.. That's all anyone can really do.