Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bird Treats

It's getting to be that time of year when birds start to slowly migrate back up north. Food is scarce at this time so I try to make sure my bird feeders are full and leave out a few extra treats. I made these when I was a little girl and while they are messy to make, they are a lot of fun.

You will need, pine cones, stale bread or bagels, brightly colored yarn or twine, seeds, peanut butter, and scissors.

Tie the brightly colored string around the pine cones and through a hole in the bread. I used red string so that come spring I can easily spot it to remove it from the tree. String that is left around the tree can eventual start to bite into the tree as it grows around it.

Next smear peanut butter around the pine-cone. You don't have to worry about getting it in deeply, the next step will take care of that.

Put the peanut butter covered pine cone into a bowl of birdseed and start to press the seeds in firmly. A pine cone will hold a lot of seeds.

For the bread treats cover them in peanut butter like the pine cones.

Then drop them into the seeds.

They are done. Hang them outside and watch your feathered friends feast from a distance. No sooner had we walked away from hanging them up then a chickadee came and started to sample one of the bagel treats. Have Fun!


  1. When I was young, my Father in winter used to make these for the birds, we had a tree outside our lounge window and so used to watch them feed, I am sure I developed a love of birds from watching. cheers Marie

  2. Those are the lovely memories that we need to hang on to. Thank you for sharing Marie. I love hearing memories like that.

  3. thanks so much for the inspiration! i've noticed a few new birds hanging out as well and so have diligently been keeping the feeders full. these treats will be wonderful to add to the mix!

    thanks so much!