Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Surprise Just for Him

Just a quick post about this neat idea I saw on Pinterest. I  tried it, and  Bear is loving it. A surprise advent calender just for husbands! I know December is already here, but you could surprise him at any time with one. Saint Nicholas day is Saturday. That would be a neat surprise just for him. 
I used an old wreath and attached cards and small "brown paper packages tied up with strings" for every day of the month to it with yarn (I cut up paper grocery bags for the brown paper). This is a winner! Bear has been loving it! Next year I'll post a list of what he got this year, but I don't want to spoil it. However, a lot of the packages are just cards with a small print out of what we will be doing that night. There are a lot of free holiday things that go on every year in the cities, so I just checked what days they were and put them in. Surprise free dates are always a win. Today he got a chocolate bar. Yesterday he got a tiny box of chocolate chips and I put a note in the box saying they were tiny kisses for him to enjoy throughout the day. We had a crackers, cheese, and meat dinner in front of the fireplace and read Christmas books to each other one day, and went to watch the City Tree lighting the first day. Some other ideas would be a bottle of wine for those who like wine, driving around to look at Christmas lights, a free back rub, and skating. 
See, isn't this fun? And it cost little to nothing. Try it. I bet your love will be as tickled as mine was. Pinterest, you win on this one. 
Shine on!


  1. This is awesome!

    I have done something similar to this for my hubby for his birthday. I called them Love Coupons, twelve of them in twelve envelops. He got to open one a month for the whole year. It was lots of fun.

    Hope he enjoys the rest of the season and his daily surprises :)

    1. Ooooo! I LIKE that idea Kim! Must remember that one :) thank you.