Monday, December 8, 2014

Saint Nicholas Day Recap

 Hello Everyone. I hope your weekend was bright and blessed. I'm a bit late posting these pictures (as some family members have reminded me ; ) Saturday was Saint Nicholas day ( a much loved tradition from my childhood). Sunday was spent just being together and being lazy.. No regrets there. Now it's time to play catch up.
 The morning was quiet and simple. The way we like it. Panda received a car for his doll house dolls, an apple, an orange, and a surprise piece of chocolate. We keep the gifts small and try to keep the focus on giving, and family. 
 Then it was off to a local historic farm done up as a Norwegian Christmas. This is a tradition we started last year and intend on keeping. This year we brought my Sister and her family along as well as my father... I think they liked it. 
There are lovely little sleds scattered around the farm to play on, a bonfire to warm by, and carolers.
Panda loved the Chickens and happily chanted, "Bird! Bird! Bird!" (I seriously need to find some way to convince City Hall to let us keep a few chickens. My boy LOVED them).
He also loved the sheep and goats. Here he is giving the calf a kiss. The calf responded in kind...
I don't want a cow.. A goat maybe one day... but no cow... No matter how many kisses are exchanged.
Then there was a visit with Saint Nicholas (I can't tell you enough what finding a Saint Nicholas character my son can visit every year means to me). Panda was enchanted and sat stock still just staring in wonder every time we passed him. 
Inside the home was just beautiful. This woman is making an orange and clove pomader. I had one in my kitchen a few years back. We might need to make a small bowl of them though. They were so pretty sitting in a bowl under this tree. 
The house was full of the smell of baking. The two women in the kitchen were a delight. We were all allergic to the samples, but ohhhh did we take our fair share of sniffs. 
My sister might not forgive me if I don't post this picture of this man playing an accordion. He was so jolly and had such a charming smile. His music was so  lively and cheerful, it was infectious. 
And last of all was this beautiful quote hanging on the wall in the kitchen. There was more.. So very much more, more than I could possibly put into one post. After the farm we all went over to my father's house to decorate his tree and I made the worst potato cakes of my life. I think it was because I used a new flour and doubled my recipe for the first time. Everyone was kind enough not to say anything and eat them. I think my family must think I don't know how to cook. I seem to mess up each time I make them something. Really, Really I CAN cook! I'm actually a good cook. I might be laughing about this for a while. And yes dear family, Jello still turns out crunchy for me from time to time ; )
What are some of your family traditions?
Do you celebrate Saint Nicholas day?
Have a bright and blessed day and Shine on!


  1. The Norwegian Christmas looks lovely and how wonderful that they had a St. Nicholas. Looks like it was a day well enjoyed.

    We did celebrate St. Nicholas, and we all enjoyed our day together.

    Have a wonderful week. xo

    1. Thank you. It was well enjoyed. I bet Reese loved his new wooden toys. :)