Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toddler Tuesdays: Part 2

Welcome Back to Toddler Tuesdays. My son's Pre-pre-school. These are the books we are looking at right now. See the one in the middle? We used that for inspiration for our first activity. 
I'm not overly fond of plastic toys, but I make an exception for legos (when Panda is older) and  Papo and Schleich figures. We pulled out all our winter animals and the light box. I scooped some flour onto the Light Box we made and showed Panda how to make animal tracks in the "snow" just like in the book. He loves this activity. Things got a bit messy. Next time I will put a sheet down and NOT do this over the heat vent.. Ooops. 
Of course we go for nature walks; this week gathering fallen pine branches as we go (with gloves on).
When we got home yesterday I put tape around the pine branch "paint brush " to make a handle (I can't touch the sap for allergy reasons, but Panda seemed to do ok)...
And made some art!
Every day this week we will be doing a different type of painting exercise. They will be used as Christmas Cards. Here are some other neat ideas I found on Pinterest:
From Surviving a Teachers Salary: Snowflake stamping with a soda bottle 
From Living with Four Hobbits and a Giant: Painting snowflakes with pine needles
Beneath the Rowan Tree.: Fingerprint Christmas Lights 
Once we cleaned up we started working those fine motor skills dropping our clothes peg people into a jug 
And pinning matching felt mittens together on a "Clothes line". Working the tiny clothes pins is a new and challenging experience for Panda. We work on colors and matching with this activity as well. He LOVES this one! When we are done I plan on making a fun garland with the mittens. 
And in the evening we calm down with sensory activities. I opted for a tray this week instead of a full table. It is filled with rice, blocks covered in tinfoil, tiny pine-cones, a spoon that looks like a shovel (buried), and felt penguins. I posted the pattern for the penguins yesterday if you are interested in making some for yourself. Thank you for joining us again. Please let us know what you are doing in your home and leave a link in the comment section so we can visit you.  We will be back next Tuesday with more fun. 
Shine on!


  1. Just lovely my friend. Reece used to love painting with the pine "brushes". I have always loved the finger print lights, but we have never done it. Never too late I guess, I think little man might like it, even now :)

    Enjoy your day. xo

  2. What wonderful experiences for your little guy.

    The first book I ever bought from Scholastic was Footprints in the Snow - I had a flashback seeing it pictured here because that was a couple decades ago.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Oh that all looks like so much fun - especially the mittens - I think my Elma would have fun with that!

  4. You have such great ideas... the light box play is just so much fun. We plan on building a huge light box over the holidays for both the kids (light play for Little Man, tracing for Little Miss)... Thank you for sharing all your great ideas once more.