Monday, November 3, 2014

Vacation and Halloween

Dear Son, A bit belated but here is a post about our vacation, your Auntie and my birthdays, and Halloween all rolled into one. We are home now and it's taken me a week to sit down and write this because we all came down with a nasty bug and have been cuddled up with cups of tea for the last week..
A year ago we decided to crash your Auntie's annual Halloween party way down in Kansas. They hold it every year the weekend before Halloween... This year there was a bit of a snafu, we missed the party, but got to spend a lot more time with Auntie S and Uncle L because of it. I like how things turned out.
October is a special month. Your Auntie and I share October as a birth month and I was so happy to be able to spend the time with her. You will find out sooner or later, but Auntie S and I are not sisters by blood but by heart. She and I have been dear friends since we were 12 years old. It makes me sad that she lives so far away now, but  that makes the time we get to spend together that much more special. 
Auntie S and Uncle L have a Victorian mansion, one room was either a small ball room or an overly large sun room. Whatever it once was, it IS a large well lit, empty, hard wood floored room that we commandeered as a play room while we were there. You loved having the freedom to run around and play to your hearts content without  constantly being told, "No, put that down" and, "That's not for you"! In fact, a play room is the plans for this room "one day".  I'll write more about it later, but it worked out rather well and I think we had just the right amount of activities packed. There were very few melt downs and all of them minor and mostly related to being tired.
We had so much fun that I only remembered to take a few photos. We went to a Museum, 2 Halloween parties, a pumpkin patch, a farmers market, and a lovely yarn shoppe where Auntie found a wooden pair of knitting needles that DON'T HURT my hands!!! We also had a lot of down time where you napped in a nest of pillows and blankets while I taught Auntie how to knit. Not a hard task, she used to knit a long time ago and is quick to pick up anything she does. 
It was a short but wonderful vacation.
When we got back from Kansas I had a request for a quick costume from one of the neighborhood children. I whipped it up in one day and was rather pleased with how it turned out. 
I liked it so much that I requested that when she outgrows it that it come back for your costume bin. It's so hard to find good costumes to interest boys that aren't super heroes, TV characters, or the like. 
For Halloween you were a Baby Adipose from "Dr. Who" (yep, a TV character). It was an easy costume. You had a doctor appointment in the morning and afterwards we went and picked up a train car for you in place of candy as a Halloween Treat. 
What a busy month this was for us all. While visiting is wonderful, it's good to be home writing a letter to you, and sipping a cup of tea while you nap. I love you with all my heart.
Shine on. Love,


  1. I am so glad you had a lovely vacation, but sorry to hear you were all sick upon arriving home. Not fun.

    Happy belated birthday. What a wonderful way to celebrate with your best friend.

    Your little man isn't looking so little anymore :) Love that last pic.

    1. Hi Kim, thank you, we are feeling much better. There are still a few sniffles going around but ginger baths are wonderful for colds.

  2. I love that your son was a character from Dr. Who! We (the adults anyways) that show in our household. Thanks so much for your beautiful sharing. Happy to have found your blog!

    1. Hello and welcome! We don't watch much TV and when Dr. Who goes into hiatus so will we, but this was to funny not to do. The back of his costume read "100% Baby Fat".

  3. Awww, what a special vacation filled with so many lovely moments.

    Thank you for sharing... your son is adorable!

    Happy belated birthday!

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you. we think he is pretty adorable as well. I think I'll keep him ;)