Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baby Sensory Beanbags

 Panda loved the Scented Thanksgiving pillows I made the other day. They were a new texture, a yummy smell, and just the right size for his tiny hands. That gave me an idea; so yesterday I made him several bean bags filled with different sensory items. 
First I picked out several different fabrics from my scrap bin and cut them into 4" squares. I tried to choose different textures and patterns as well as colors. Next I sewed them into little pillows (leaving the bottom open for stuffing). Then I stuffed them with scrap fabric and an added a sensory item:

Red upholstery fabric + Dog toy squeaker
Green mushroom print flannel + Dried lavender buds
Thick tan striped trouser cotton + Homemade egg shaker (described in next step)
Yellow felt + Crinkly cellophane
Cranberry velor with gold embroidery + Jingle bells
Burlap + Cinnamon twigs (because Panda loved the Thanksgiving ones so much)
Red starry fleece + Fiberfill (because things don't always have to "do" something)
Denim + Rattle

 To make the egg shaker bean bag I put some rice in a small tin and sealed it shut with some duct tape (left over zebra duct tape from Ehlers Danlos awareness projects). Yup, that simple. After they were stuffed I sewed the pillows closed and placed them in a basket for Panda to find.
I was able to make these all with things I already had on hand. Panda loves them and has played with them pretty much constantly since he got them yesterday. I want to make a knitted square and possibly a vinyl square for a total of 10. Then we can use them for counting games when he is older. This would make such a great gift  that I had to post it. Sight, scent, touch, taste, and sound, all covered by these little bean bags. I hope this inspires you. Be well and Have fun!


  1. This is such a great idea! I think Cash would love them, although he's a little older than Panda. You definitely inspire me!

  2. Beanbags are great for little ones! Great idea to make a variety of sensory ones!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Iron on alphabet would be cute for when baby is older also.