Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hair Journey: Week 2

Two weeks in and no shampoo. I was tempted this week to grab the shampoo bottle once, but only because I did not want to make up my honey mixture and the shampoo was there starring me in the face. It took me less than a minute to mix up my honey serum and I did not cave. Bear says that my hair is already looking longer, seeing that it is only likely to have gained a fourth on an inch since it was hacked I believe this to be man speak for "it looks healthier". It does look and feel fuller and softer. Oil is still a problem but my hair is not slicked to my head and really I'm the only one who can tell its oilyer than normal. There is also a slight toothpaste stickyness to my hair. I am still in the adjustment period so I will stick it out. I have considered some apple cider vinigar rinses, but am steering clear of the baking soda mixtures. I've read that they can break your hair down over time. I also purchased a 100% silk pillowcase. It was a tad pricy but I have noticed that my hair IS less tangled in the morning. It is supposed to help prevent breakage. Till next week, be well and have fun!

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