Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hair Journey: First Step

Our amazing family photo by Ri Photography. Thank you!
Today I start my hair journey. All my life I have had extraordinarily thin breakable hair. 6 months after having my son it is now worse than ever. Clumps are falling out leaving quarter sized bald spots all over my head Starting at my temples and working around to the back it has all broken off leaving a two inch long pathetic mane around my head. After spending a few weeks looking like a cat with mange I decided to cut my hair up to chin length. I loved my long hair but something had to be done before someone called animal control.
Today I went no poo. In place of shampoo I am using a mixture of 1 tsp Raw Honey, 3 tbsp filtered water, 2 drops ginger oil, and 1 drop tea tree oil. 
I plan on experimenting with apple cider vinegar rinses, carrot seed oil, ginger hair treatments and coco butter along with an assortment of other things on this journey towards healthier hair. It is my plan (child allowing) to check in every week and write about what I have tried and how things are going. 
With that let the hair journey begin. Advice, recipes, tips,and encouragements are more than welcome. Be well and have fun!


  1. I have no advice, I have super short hair and keep things simple. Good luck!

  2. Oh, I hope it goes well for you. Sorry about your hair troubles, looking forward to see your progress!

  3. it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference, chemicals certainly do have a lot to answer for. I tried giving up shampoo and my hair just got too oily, I did bi carb (baking soda) and apple cider vinegar. I saw the idea the other day of adding the bi carb dry before showering which sounds like it would be much easier to make sure it covers propperly, I might give it another go as others have had great sucess. Fingers crossed your new wash helps you

  4. Thank you everyone. Yes, this will be an interesting journey (and has been already). I hope my hair will grow back quickly, but healthier. And I look forward to sharing what I learn along the way. Be well.