Friday, November 29, 2013

Upcycled Onesie : or How to keep an infant's shirt tucked in

 I bought this onesie at a thrift store for $0.65. I knew it would be to small by the time Thanksgiving rolled around but it was to cute to pass by and at $0.65 you just don't argue. This shows how I upcycled it to fit for Thanksgiving. This works on onesies and is also a great way to keep infant shirts "tucked" in.
 1. Find a onesie that is the same width as the shirt or onesie you want to upcycle.
2. Cut the onesies in half (cut lower on the one you are upcycling and higher on the one you are adding to add more or less length).
3. Turn both onesies inside out and pin together.
4. Sew.
5. Turn right-side-in and you are done.
Tips: This works better for short sleeves, but you can make sleeves longer by adding extra fabric for cuffs or use an alternate color fabric and sew a band in the middle of the sleeves. You can cut the long sleeves short, or do what we did and just push them up a little. This is a wonderful way to make an oh so cute outfit last a tiny bit longer. We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Be well and have fun!

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